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Most of us have been taught to define ourselves in life from the outside in, creating a false ego-driven version of Self based upon what we have or own, what we do for work and what others think of us. This lack of authenticity often leads to us feeling stuck, blocked or just plain lost, wondering why we are here and why these same things keep happening to us over and over again!


When you connect to your Soul Wisdom, you start living your life from the inside out. This new direction of living creates a life that "fits you", the inner authentic You that is a reflection of your Soul. This creation process is an organic, simple one which only requires you to function as the "being" you were born as instead of the "doing" you've become.

Through Soul Readings and Soul Coaching, I'd be happy to assist you in this process of living the life that you were meant to live. Listen to my greeting, check out the sessions and then let's get your transformation started. There is no time like (and other than) the present!

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Alarm clock to tell you it's time to wake up to your True Self


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My session with Koz brought clarity to underlying issues that have been affecting my whole life. Koz offers more than information; his practical guidance provided me with the tools to simply and easily make positive, constructive changes in my life by going back to the basics. It was one of the most life-changing sessions I've ever had.


--Barry C.


Look Into Your Soul
Find The Answers You Seek
Discover Your True Self



Koz hones in on issues or obstacles that might ordinarily be overlooked or hidden from our consciousness. He delivers these messages, which are often quite to-the-point, with lightness and deep compassion. It is like being presented with a profoundly intense & personal gift, wrapped up in fun & beautiful paper!


--Lisa T.

Photo of gifted intuitive Koz Kritzer
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